Where we came from


 After being a Police Officer for Surrey Police for many years Martine decided she wanted to run her own business. In 2008 she started the Domestic business by placing an advert in the local shop. Within a month she had enough work to take on somebody full time. Fast forward to 2020 and she now has 8 ladies looking after around 80 clients.


The Commercial business was started in 2013 and is now jointly run with Simon (the long suffering husband) who was also a Police Officer in Surrey. It covers West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey and we have been known to travel further afield for one off larger jobs. Within the business we clean carpets, windows, ovens and in 2020 we have added a handyman/gardening service after taking on somebody with over 25 years in the home improvement/landscaping sector.

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Who we are

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Simon James

Simon supported Martine when she started the Domestic business and then in 2013 he helped her to start the Commercial business. He now spends most of his time inflicting his humour on the teams.

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Martine James

Martine works tirelessly on both the Domestic and Commercial businesses but spends most of her time trying to control Simon's sense of humour.

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Annice Adams

Annice has a varied role within the businesses, she is taking a leading role on the Commercial business but also spends most of her time being on the end of Simon's sense of humour.